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Custom Software

As a business starts to stabilise and grow in size, it may be time to automate some backend business processes. Typical backend processes include centralised Customer Contact Databases, Invoicng & Quoting Systems, Stock Control and Sales Systems, etc. It is important to plan and implement these systems carefully to seamlessly integrate with your business processes.

At Redi Internet we are staffed with experienced individuals with a vast background in business, IT and software development who understand the needs of businesses so they can fine-tune and blend normal business process into unique solutions for individual clients.

Business Applications

We have in-house capabilities and can work together with organisations to provide total solutions covering hardware, software, network, connectivity, installation, planning, project management, accounting and customisations.

Examples of Business Applications:

  • Intranet & Extranets (read more)
  • CRM, POS & ERP Systems
  • Sales, Purchasing, Inventory
  • HR, Accounts, Contacts Management
  • Time Sheet Systems
  • Online Quoting & Invoicing Systems
  • SMS, Bulk SMS, Email, Bulk Email
  • Recruitment & CV Management Systems
  • Medical/Patient Recordkeeping Systems
  • Appointment/Booking Management Systems
  • ...and anything else you may require...
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Client TestimonialsWhat Our Clients Say...
Been using Redi for many years. The staff are friendly, accessible and always willing to help. Have been using them for Web Hosting, Email and Software Development. Would highly recommend them.

Intranet & Extranet Development

Redi Internet is an experienced company committed to developing innovative intranet and extranet solutions to fulfill the requirements of its customers. Redi Internet focuses on web-based intranet and extranet applications that are safely and widely accessible through the internet. We have developed many standard web components over the years that enable us to develop and implement quality and complex intranet solutions rapidly.

What is an Intranet ?

An intranet is an Internal Private Network that uses internet technology to securely share part of an organisation's information or processes with its employees. It is accessible via the internet, usually via a secure login, and is accessible to anyone with the correct access. Not the general public.

What is an Extranet ?

An extranet is similar to an Intranet, however it is used to share part of an organisation's information and processes with for example suppliers, vendors, partners and customers. An extranet is an extension of an intranet but can also be a stand alone application.